NaNoWriMo 2015 – The Titan Wars have begun

It is NaNoWriMo eve, and all the participants across the world are nervously awaiting the stroke of midnight so they can begin writing their next epic. Some are pantsing, some have it all planned out, and some don’t even know what the heck they’re going to write, but by the Old Gods and the New, they’re going to have a great time figuring it out along the way.

Me?  Well, I know exactly what I’m writing this year.

Its working title is Titan Wars: Annihilation, and it’s a Kaiju Thriller.

What is a Kaiju Thriller, you ask?

It’s a fast-paced action-thriller featuring giant city-destroying monsters. But this won’t just be action, action, action. This is a Hellscream book, after all. There will be no shortage of scares.

The idea so far… (and natch, this is subject to change on the whims and fancy of my muse)

The first Invader falls to Earth and lands in Sydney Harbour. After the monster’s week-long rampage, the city is reduced to rubble. One fifth of its population is dead or dying. Inside the disaster zone, a pair of teenagers who have lost everything fight for survival.

The Invader is taken down, but more are coming. They mean to end life on Planet Earth as we know it. The only defence is a clandestine agency that knew the Invaders were coming. They have a colossal war machine, known as a Titan, able to fight back against these gargantuan alien beasts. But they have no one capable of piloting it.

That is, until a chance encounter with a teenager who shows promise.

Titan Wars: Annihilation will bring the world to its knees and leave planet Earth hanging in the balance.

I’ve already started writing it, and I’m 20k words into the first draft. It’s made up of bits and pieces I’ve written over the last 12 months, but starting tomorrow I’m beginning a total rewrite, with the aim of having the first draft finished by the end of December.

I know that a lot of people want me to finish Deep Six, and it is most definitely coming! There are some big things I have to consider before continuing on with a series the is projected to go for 8 books, and I want to make sure I get it all right.

But only after the Titan Wars have begun.

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