Current Projects

Earth to Embers

The Earth is under attack from an enormous race of Kaiju known as Invaders. Only a clandestine government agency called the Ash Group can fight back against this alien menace.

The only thing that stands between the Invaders and the extinction of the human race are colossal war machines called Titans, and a young pilot with nothing left to lose.

The governments of the world want access to the technology the Ash Group used to create the Titans, and will do anything to get it.

The world will be reduced to embers.

Progress: First draft complete. Rewrites occurring.
ETA: Q3 2016


Deep Six

The hotly anticipated sequel to Metro 7!

The crew of the Icarus are scattered across the galaxy. The hunt for Captain Draco Goldwing begins while the tides of war swell in the Arcturus Sector.

Progress: First draft – 22% complete
ETA: Q4 2016