Masterpiece Wheeljack

I have wanted Masterpiece Wheeljack from the moment he was announced.  He was always one of my favourite Autobots – I loved that he was essentially their own Dr Frankenstein.  I was lucky enough to pick up this figure at Supanova this weekend on the Friday night.  By the time we came back to that particular stall on Saturday morning, Wheeljack was sold out. Continue reading

Masterpiece Soundwave

Masterpiece Soundwave is a figure that I’ve been coveting since he was announced back in 2012.  Soundwave was always my favourite Decepticon, and over the last few years, $140 was just too much to drop on a single figure.  Thanks to a couple of excellent opportunities I’ve had at work this year, I’ve managed to squirrel away some extra dosh to chase down some figures I’ve been wanting for a couple of years. Continue reading

What Metro 7 is really about


This is something I’ve wanted to talk about since I finished writing Metro 7 last year.  It’s been rumbling around my head as I’ve tried to think of the best way to articulate it.  Now that Metro 7 is out in the world and people have told me what they loved and what they didn’t like about it, I’ve had a chance to start thinking about it in a more analytical light.

It goes without saying, this is going to go into full story spoilers and character discussion about Metro 7.  If you haven’t read it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, head over here and pick a copy up. Continue reading